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Welcome to Slice Padel Madrid

Fun, Social Padel Leagues in Madrid

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We play every Sunday at our home club Rio Arena Padel between 15:00-18:00. We have completed three fun filled grading tournaments, a short Winter season and are now ready to start our first ever full Slice Padel League. We have space for 36 Pairs who will be placed into 6-8 divisions according to padel expereince, assessed ability at the grading weekends and personal preference.

Each week your team will have a 3 set match vs one of the other teams in your division. By keeping the divisions small, we hope that all teams will be of a very similar level, creating fun, social but competitive matches. We will be flexible with your timings so that if you have other friends in the league, the matches can be scheduled at the same time, enabling you to arrive and leave at the same time.

This is a brand new Team League concept for Madrid. We're young, enthusiastic and hope that as the league grows, we will not only create great padel matches, but also a fun, social community alongside it!