Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a complete team before I can join?

You can sign up as an individual or as a pair. Once we have a complete team, we will arrange a suitable time for a grading match any week before the season starts.

What is the grading night?

One of our experienced coaches will be there to welcome you to the league and monitor your ability throughout a 3 set match. You'll be graded as an individual and as an entire team. (They can offer tips or guidance on the rules or tactics throughout the evening, if any team member needs it.)

Will we always play at the same time?

We will try to accommodate personal time requests as much as possible, but we can guarantee the games will be between 15:00-18:00 every Sunday. We will also offer advanced season long fixtures.

What is the cost?

It costs 9 euros per player per week, we encourage players to pay in advance to save time on the night of the games. The league is played on state of the art courts and 1hr 30mins court time is guaranteed to finish the 3 sets. Balls and drinks will be provided on the day of the games. 

How will all 6 team members play?

Only 2 players play any one week but you can sign up with as many players as you think you might need to cover for holidays, injuries etc. If you can't make one week, we ask that you have a replacement in mind, if your replacement can't play, the league will help you find someone of a suitable level to fill your spot for the week.

How are the matches scored?

Each match consists of 3 sets. You gain 2 points for winning the match. If one team wins the first 2 sets, you're encouraged to still complete the 3rd set or if everyone agrees to mix the teams and have a fun last set.

What equipment is provided?

We book the courts, provide fresh balls and drinks for the players. The first 50 players to sign up will also receive personalised team shirts as a welcome gift! Players need to provide their own racquets, but the league will have spares at hand if anyone needs to borrow one on the night.

If we can't make 1 week, what will happen?

We will be as flexible as possible with personal requests. We ask that each pair has a replacement or two in mind to cover any illnesses etc, but the league will be on hand to help out and ensure as many games as possible get played every Sunday.

Why should we join Slice?

This is a brand new Team League in Madrid. We're young, enthusiastic and hope that as the league grows, we will not only create great padel matches, but also a fun, social community alongside it!